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Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century

Eighteenth and nineteenth century are another big step of the world; at the time of war and revolution people were depress, architect and artist in the world were unsure with the direction to head to so they chose to bring the old style like Greek,’s Neo-Classism time. Science and industry have improved and play importance roles. Many fact and believe can be prove by science, many famous scientists emerge in this period. So new function like factory was require, some of the architect choose to design building for the famous people like the drawing of Etienne- Louis Boullee that show cenotaph for sir Isaac Newton.

French Revolution created impacts on the architecture, the building that used to build for royal family and religion were less important but it’s more for ordinary people. Industrial revolution has introduced steel as a new material to the architecture world. The high technologies in that era allow the massive production, which answer their need.

A.W.N. Pugin, an English architect, who afraid of fast developing of new industrial world. From the book called Contrast that wrote by him, he has state the idea of go back to the beautiful world of Gothic style so it’s also the period of Neo-Gothic style.  

            I think in these two centuries after the revolution and ordinary people become more powerful, architects didn’t have to build the building to please royal family or anybody so the styles was very varies they did what the want, what they like.

However, in my opinion anachronism is best shown the identity of the period. The combination of style in the past with new world’s material like steel was very impress. 

Baroque, The Reformation

     At the late Renaissance period is the peak point of Catholic churches, the church funding a lot of money from people who believe that their sin could be delete if they pay money to the church the worse thing they have done the more they have to pay. I think we could say that the beginning of Baroque came from Martin Luther, he was one the leader who against the Catholic church but for the result, The church did stop or change they spend the money to show their richness through architecture as they want to get people’s belief back.

     The example place is Piazza Retta and Piazza Obliqua by one of the famous baroque architect in Italy, Gianlorenzo Bernini. These piazzas were added in front of St. Peter’s, the most important church in Italy to express the power and importance of the church.image

     Baroque style is the style of deformation and reformation, the architecture is used to express the power the power of the church so the simple that use to used in Renaissance style like circle and square were reform into more dynamic form. The ornament of the building have more depth than before and the buildings were very rich in detail.


  Church Gesu by Giacomo Vignola and Giocomo della Porta, Rome, 1568

     However, the beginning of this style the buildings have more depth than before but in overall they still look simple, when go along to the end of the period the highly dynamic shape and decoration were apply to the buildings, all the buildings were over decorated,


                 Die Wies by Dominikus Zimmerman, near Munich 1746

Renaissance with Humanism

    In Renaissance period, the opposite with Gothic, the building in gothic style is very tall and gigantic; from the characteristic of the gothic style, it mostly use for church in the period of Middle Age or the Dark Age the time when people need god. Ribs and flying buttress of the building make it look like the skeleton give the untouchable feeling to people.

     The Humanism movement happened in this period, it’s the idea base on human proportion. There are a lot of drawings that shows this idea, for example, the Modular Man by Le Cobusier that show the reation of human body to the golden ratio.


   And one of the most famous drawing which I think the Vitruvian Man is best describe the concept of Renaissance period, human proportion as a center with perfect square and circle. Renaissance is the period of the combining two most powerful architecture together, Roman and Greek style, a lot of arch, order columns and simple geometric like square and circle are use in this style.

    One of the famous architects of Renaissance is Filippo Brunelleschi, he had designed the dome of Florence Cathedral by his study of Roman techniques. He used the hoopstress invention (the one that act like belt to hold everything in place )with the pointed arch from Gothic style to construct this dome while the Cathedral is still open for people. I think this is the best piece of work which show the combination of techniques in different periods. He didn’t only study and know but also could adapt his knowledge in to this dome.



Building is like Human


"Building is like human, they have their own characteristic." Villa VPro by MVRDV is the building I like, this building use different colour and opacity glass to give characteristic to each room, people experience the building with different feeling when they move from one space to another space. The floor plate also open to another floor plate the connections allow people to interact with the one in other space. Although my design now doesn’t give the different feeling in each space yet but these ideas inspire me a lot to improve my flagship design.


To show the identity of the flagship which reflect to the identity of the brand as I have said before what Erb stand for and make it become unique are the natural and herbal ingredients and Thai. What I think is another characteristic of this brand is the patterns that they choose to use in graphic. Therefore, the patterns are what I’ve used to be the identity of my building. The pattern of hexagon will be used in the logic for floor plan, roof, column and façade even the shelves and the way to display the products will keep to the same logic.

 As the glass façade is used a lot in my design so I will adapt the idea of VPRO building in to my buildings as well. I think these will give the characteristic to my building and give various experiences to costumers who come in to the store.

Ducks Or Decorative Sheded

There’s 2 types of the building in this world, Ducks and Decorative Shaded, they was categorized by Robert Venturi, in the book wrote by himself “Learning from Las Vegas” in 1972.


Ducks are the building that express what’s the building is used for by the architecture of the building. Without sign and ornament people could easily understand the function of the building. The duck building is one of the examples, the function of it is for selling ducks and the shape of the building is duck itself.


Unlike the ducks type, Decorative Shaded buildings are not expressing the function of the building by using architecture but express by the sign. Like what I saw in Thailand, The Chinatown, all the building in this area are look almost the same but what they use to tell people is the sign and the banner in front of their shop.


 For my own project I design the flagship for Erb. This brand is selling skincare aroma and perfume products. The Brand stands for non-chemical, herb and natural and Thai as it is Thai brand. What I’ve designed is the Flagship inspired by the orangeries. There’s an herbal garden in front of my building. I think my building is a Ducks type, as I want to express the nature so I put the garden in. This is very straightforward like Duck type. For Thai feeling, I put in the store by using gold colour like the colour Erb put in all of their products. If we look at Thai temple we could see a lot of gold colour as well.



Toward New ……………

Le Cobusier a man who always same outfit either wear black bow or black tie to represent his vision of architecture, Toward New Architecture. To move ahead in architecture world, he makes himself become the model of modern. In the modern world he think that all the buildings should be like a modular that can be recreate and produce in mass production like design for industry. This idea apply to all scale of his work from house(eg. His drawing Dom-ino house) to city (eg. Ideal city of Paris). All of his works are based on 5 points Pillotis, Flat roof, Free plan, Horizontal window and Freely design façade.


Eero Seerinen, Another Architect who has the vision of toward new thing as well. Unlike Cobu his vision is toward new architecture but toward new technologies and material. The Trans World Airlines at Kennedy Airport in New York City is one of his works that show his exploration in new techniques use, poured-in-place concrete, to create the dynamic space. For me, I prefer the work of Seerinen better than Cobu as I agree with Seerinen the way he express the spirit of the function of the space to the physical. TWA terminal, when look from far distance it look like the bird wings, it expresses the flight. The interior of the space, there’s no column; the façade, structure, wall, ceiling and organization are all curves.

The expression of the spirit of the building is a great way to use in my design work, to express the spirit of my brand. Erb is stand for herbal and natural product so the way I think would express this by using the orangerie as the technique in my flagship store 


Ludwig Mies van der rohe , a German architecture, who gave 2 well-known sentences “God is in detail” and “less is more” and make an enormous impact on modern architecture. Mies interested in using concrete, glass and steel in his work.

The building of Mies that I’m interested in is the Barcelona Pavilion. It is the most famous architecture of twentieth century.

The materials used in this building are steel glass and concrete, Mies’s favourite material.  The pavilion has the horizontal flat roof with vertical wall and shiny steel column support. This really shows the modern style. It’s look great without ornament; the only decoration in the building is the stone pattern on the wall and the sculpture of dancing girl.

First what I like about this place is that, unlike other pavilion, the Barcelona doesn’t display any art work but the inside the building is empty, it’s show just itself this make the building look more stand out as other pavilion is like a box contain things inside, people are wonder what’s inside and pay attention on the stuff more than a box.

One more this that I like in this pavilion is not the pavilion itself but the chair and stool in the building. They are also designed by Mies. It’s look so simple but getting along so well with the pavilion. The shiny steel structure of the chair match with the steel column of the building. The colour of the leather also use in the same tone of stone pattern wall. 

Modernism with Former

I never see what people got for benefit with the war but for this time I hardly believe that it did. After World War 1 a lot of buildings were destroyed, people needed to rebuilt the new buildings. At the beginning the very plain idea of using white color and simple style are the keys that match one type of the building, the building that have function for medicate patient. White color help to spread sunlight into the building, make the place be more hygiene, as sunlight could kill disease and when it’s in white color it’s easier to see where is unclean.

The simple style without decoration were spread out quickly. The materials for modernism buildings are also pure modern material, glass steel and reinforce concrete. One of the well-known building for modernism style is Bauhaus by Walter Gropius in Germany.

In America, the well known architect for modernism style, Frank Lloyd Wright, with the quote

“Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose the former and have seen no reason to change.”  

Frank Lloyd Wright

It’s proved that he was one of the early architects who start with this movement.

His designs are all simplify but he liked to play with the landscape around the buildings. One of the masterpieces of his work is Fallingwater in Pensylvania.

As he played with the landscape when looking in plan its look like break boxes. In my opinion there’re two purposes one is to fragmentize the space and another one is to blend the house with landscape, blend to the size of rock that have from small to big size.  I think the identity of Frank’s style is modern in the building design but landscape around helps to decorate his work.

Opinion on Adolf Loos’s text “Ornament and Crime”

If in early twentieth centaury, Adolf loos thought that ornament is crime, well, I would say that in my time ornament is what people can’t live without.

To say that ornament is unnecessary is not true in this time, just like the girl, many said that the girl would look the best when she show her true beauty however I still see the girls put on their make up which I consider as and ornament and it’s successful in making a girl looking gorgeous, not only a girl, all the male superstars are putting on their make up!image

source from:

Although tattoo in that time is what bad people in the prison have but in now day it’s become more trendy even Rihanna she has it too, also the famous five rows tattoo. 


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Imagine that if I go to the bakery shop and there are 2 pieces of ginger bread to choose like you, one is a plain and another in fancy pony shape, both are in the same size and same price I would choose the fancy pony one. Although what you said is true that people would choose to eat the plain on but the pony one is effect on my feeling. In Loos’s opinion, he might thing that decoration is not an important thing, but what I think decoration has a huge impact on is the feeling. Different ornament give me different feeling, When I see the shop full of hearts, roses and dolls, they give me the feeling of valentine. When I see the shop full of Christmas tree, Santa and boxes they give me the feeling of Christmas. Not only the feeling that Decoration could give but it also tell the story behind and show their culture the Papuans, a tattooed face did not increase the aesthetic value,” but it show their culture and tradition.image

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What he said is that ornament is easy to get bore of but how could he know that modern the new style that he mention will not be bored like ornament. In now day, like what Loos said simple is easy to build, I saw a lot of simple buildings like shophouses and townhouses, it may be a bit too much so people treat buildings that have decoration more valuable.

In Architecture, I think that it depend on each people, different people have different taste. Some may like architecture that full of decoration like Romanesque and Gothic but some may like plain and simple like Modernism. Ornament couldn’t be judged whether good or not, but what I know is ornament is still needed.

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